Brand Management Services

GCM360 provides tailor-made brand management services for stronger brands by applying its unique solutions. There is a clear distinction between corporate strategy and brand strategy. The corporate strategy is a set of possibilities which provide optimum solutions for a firm under its rivals, capabilities, competences and market conditions. On the other hand, brand strategy is a part of corporate strategy that is about positioning and perceived brand image. We believe that brand strategies can be successfully implemented through understanding customers and enrichment of customer involvement into the brand strategies. Within this context, GCM360 provides  following brand management services for its custormers:

  • Developing Marketing Plans & Budgets
  • Targeting, Pricing and Promotion Plans
  • Online and Offline Reputation Measurement and Analysis
  • Brand Loyalty Research
  • Complementary Materials and Sales Tools
    • Designing Communication Materials (business cards, brochures, presentations, e-mails, video records etc.)
    • Website Content and Context Management
  • Social Media Content Management