Project Management Services

There are hundreds of tasks that a company has to do on its daily routine. These tasks are grouped into strategic, tactical or operational tasks and then assigned to different teams. GCM360 team works with the companies in which this daily routine could not been established yet, or the companies that have to go beyond it for project management. GCM360 team improves productivity while integrating itself to the clients’ teams and help company owners to manage and control their business more easily. We can produce and execute projects on your business ideas and decisions such as increasing sales by 30%, M&A decisions or starting an online business.

In general our Project Management services include following:

  • Project Planning (Discover–>Concept Design–>Draft Plan–>Final Plan)
  • Project Monitoring and Audit
  • Audit of Project’s Financial Statements
  • Re-structuring Projects
  • Social Responsibility Project Design and Management